Audio Video System Design

Above all, any successful home project begins with proper planning and design. The same is true for audio video system design. You wouldn’t build your new home without blueprints, or undertake a home remodel without architectural drawings. However, many homeowners “wing it” when it comes to AV and low voltage systems. Blueprints provide a record and history of all the systems in your home and you should have that same record for your home entertainment design. Times are changing, and home technology is at the forefront. Knowing how your home is wired, and where those wires are located, allows you to get the most out of the tech in your life.

Our system designs are detailed, comprehensive, and consider all possible options. As a result, your system design allows you to visualize where equipment will live in the home. It is much easier to move a drawing on paper than it is to move physical equipment once it is installed. Proper audio video system design will save time and money on every project. First Priority Audio system engineers and smart home designer will put all the details on paper for proper documentation. Our documentation includes wire diagrams, system schematics, rack elevations, and more.

Home Theater Design

So you’ve decided to build a home theater.  Before you select a single piece of equipment you need to create your home theater design.  A dedicated room implies a high quality entertainment experience. There are so many details to consider that you don’t want to leave this to an amateur.  For instance, projector distances and viewing angles, speaker placement and seating heights  must be reviewed.  These are just a few of the design elements that must be ironed out before we begin.

Have you considered acoustical treatments? FPA can design your home theater with acoustics that blend into the environment and improve on the audio quality simultaneously.  Interested in a fiber optic star ceiling for some added ambiance? We have you covered!

In short, before you begin your project make sure you call FPA to get started on the home theater design of your dreams.

Why Invest in Landscape Lighting?

A properly designed landscape lighting system is usually not a "do it yourself" project. There are many variables to consider like type of light, wattage, location, and placement just to name a few.

I’m smart… I’ll make my home smart too

Today’s smart home devices come in all shapes and sizes from the Nest thermostat to the Amazon Echo, to complete home automation systems from companies like Vantage Controls or Control4.

Isn't there an app for that?

We live in an app based world and we all have dozens upon dozens of apps on our phones and tablets.

Music changes your home. I can prove it!

A whole house music system can really change the way you live and love in your home.